Pietragres Ceramiche Daytona

PIETRAGRES® is the new line of wall and floor tile coverings in porcelain made by CERAMICHE DAYTONA. A range of new products but at the same time familiar, inspired by the nature and by the experience of traditional Italian constructions which maintain the ecological spirit of ancient artifacts. Our State-of-the-Art porcelain stoneware series, totally non-absorbent and of the highest quality, are produced with digital technology recreating the faithfully effect of walls and brick-walls, rustic stones “facciavista” and woods thanks to a wide range of designs, colors and structures. In PIETRAGRES® coverings, the warmth and charm of the stones, woods and traditional bricks and the practicality and reliability of ceramic merge perfectly offering innovative, creative and highly performing solutions, ideal for decorating both indoors and outdoors, and for being used in situations extremely varied: outdoors to cover part of a building or border walls , indoors to characterize a wall, both in residential environments, in a living area such as a kitchen or bathroom, and commercial shops as restaurants, pubs or breweries. The graphics, made with digital printing, are very varied and rich, having so many different faces. The irregular shape of the individual pieces allows you to lay our “interlocking” tiles producing an extremely realistic effect.Four series are available in different structures, designs and colors.

Mura 21x51

Reproduces the sandstones that are widespread and used in all Italian regions, from the well-known natural stone “Chianche” from La Puglia to the Etruscan stones.
This collection comes in four variants: TRANI WHITE, MODENA BEIGE, LILLE GREY and PRAGUE MIX.

Quartieri 21x51

From America to Europe, passing through Asia, Africa and Australia, through centuries and millennia of history, bricks have been the main first materials used in the art of building. Construction techniques and styles differ over time but always there is one that has remained the protagonist: The Brick.
The facades of the buildings, the walls, the low walls, the jambs… are often made of bricks “facciavista” that, being of great fashion in renovations, represent one aesthetic solution for both the exterior and the interior, adaptable to the classic, modern and country design.It is thus possible to recreate the atmosphere of a farmhouse in the city or you can give that post-industrial touch in an open space with a warm terracotta, or modern white or anthracite colors.

Foreste 21x51

The wooden walls, the wood paneling with inlays and engravings, were once called boiserie. Today the wood paneling has changed look: thanks to the versatility of ceramic it is possible to re-propose, in a modern key, centuries of ancient atmosphere to renew domestic environments in elegant and contemporary way. The wall coverings that reproduces the wooden elements are suitable for the most diverse environments, from the living room to the bedroom, from the relaxation area to the studio. Also, in the kitchen and bathroom it guarantees that special touch of originality and elegance, as well as in any commercial or office space.
This series comes in three variants FINLAND WHITE, CANADA OAK BEIGE, HONDURAS MIX.

Montagne 19x47

Quartzite is a stone, a metamorphic rock composed mainly of quartz; a stone with natural colors and warm shades. PIETRAGRES , in the MONTAGNE series, reproduces the strips that form a single element whose visible surface is presented with the split finish, capable to create walls with a natural and harmonious appearance.

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